Upcoming Events

Preschool Enrollment for Fall 2017

The Weekday Preschool is enrolling now for fall of 2017. The preschool offers both half day 9 - 12 and full day 7 - 6 scheduling options. Children need to be two years old by March 30th to enter the program in the fall.  We also have themed camps throughout the summer months for preschool students.  If you’re interested in enrolling your child please contact the preschool office at 977-0485 for an application.

Additionally, Bonsack Afterschool is also enrolling for fall 2017 for Bonsack, Cloverdale and Colonial Elementary School students. This program also offers Summer Camp activities for elementary age children. Contact us at 977-0485 for more information!

Bonsack Baptist Craft Expo

Bonsack is excited to showcase local crafters who use their God-given gifts to create beautiful pieces of art. The show will be held Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 8 am - 2 pm in the CLC. Mark your calendars!