Launch began November 1, 2011 as a new ministry here at Bonsack Baptist Church. Our community of young people range in age from 18-35 and is made up of College students from Roanoke's local campuses and professionals such as doctors and nurses, financial advisors, downtown businessmen and women, servers at local restaurants, and cashiers at local grocery stores. God has blessed us with people from all stages of life, but one thing unites us all; a desperate need for Jesus Christ.

We gather every Tuesday evening, in the Community Room, at 7pm. There we experience powerful worship through music and prayer, we have a time of biblical teaching rooted in the message of the Gospel, and we consume lots of good coffee as we fellowship and journey through life together. Our hope is that as Launch continues to grow, we will continue to let the Lord do His work through us. We acknowledge His presence through the Holy Spirit, we acknowledge His salvation through Jesus Christ, and we acknowledge His sovereignty through God the Father.

A special part of the Launch ministry is our monthly service project. This time is set aside for our group to go into the city of Roanoke and be the hands and feet of Christ. Launch has served at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, taken valentine's day gift bags to homebound persons, walked the streets of downtown Roanoke giving away Starbucks coffee for free, and so much more.

The Community Room is located on the second floor of the church. Walk in the main front doors under the steeple and use the elevator to get to the second floor. The Community Room is just outside the elevator.

Will you be a part of your generation making the name of Jesus famous?