Sunday Morning
  • Sunday School – 9 and 10:30am: Stimulating, interactive, hands-on classes that lead preschoolers and children to discover and understand Bible truths.

  • Extended Session – 10:30am: Preschoolers engage in a variety of activities that reflect the Sunday School lesson.

  • Mission Friends – 10:30am: 2 year olds-Kindergartners learn about missions through activities, song and fun.

For infants and preschoolers, start by bringing your child to our children's building, where you'll be registered and given a sticker with a number on it. You'll need this number to pick up your child after the service, and in the event you are needed, it will also flash on digital screens in the Sanctuary and Community Room.

Preschoolers all develop at their own unique pace. Your child will be promoted to the next class on an “as needed” basis until they reach the two-year-old classes and then on a yearly basis. Activity level, age, temperament, and class composition will determine promotions.

Please discuss separation anxiety with the teacher if this is a problem for your child. Most children experience this several times during the first three years. We have found the best cure is consistent attendance. Because children are alerted to changes in the room by the entrance of those other than their teachers, we ask that whenever possible you knock and wait for the teacher to bring your child when picking up. We love our grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, but please have them visit outside the room. Siblings are not permitted to pick up preschoolers unless it is determined in advance.