Childcare & Nursery

Childcare is provided for infants through grade school for scheduled meetings and activities held during non-program times.
Parents can help by:

Providing formulas, juice, a pacifier, diapers, wipes or any other items necessary for your infant and labeling bottles, cups, etc. We have diaper bag tags available at the Welcome Desk.

Not bringing a child who has had any symptoms of illness in the past 24 hours including: fever, unexplained rash, vomiting or diarrhea, sores with drainage, severe cold symptoms. (We are not permitted to administer medication.)

Informing the childcare workers of your location within the church and concerns, allergies, or other information about your child we should know.

Please note: Nursing moms are invited to use the Nursing Mom’s Room adjacent to the Infant Room (124A).